Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Individual Therapy
Dr. Wyatt, a Licensed Professional Counselor, has been providing counseling therapy in the private sector, not-for-profit organizations and institutional settings for more than 20 years, with professional leave for continuing education and faculty positions at regional and comprehensive universities. She completed a four-year stint as an assistant research professor at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, before returning to her private therapy practice and consultancy. Dr. Wyatt routinely provides individual therapy for:
    • individual therapy (one-on-one)
    • adults
    • geriatric
    • couples
    • anger management
    • grief counseling
    • sexual abuse/rape counseling
    • addiction therapy (drugs, alcohol, gambling)
    • sex addiction therapy (compulsive sex, internet porn, prostitution, etc.)
    • employment counseling

Counseling is confidential by nature. Clients should feel comfortable that any information disclosed in therapy is limited to only that purpose unless other arrangements are made in advance by the client (for example disclosure to an attorney, court or employer but only at the client's direction).
Our clients from from all over the United States for routine therapy sessions.  Others come from around the globe for intensive recovery sessions. 
Visit us at our Oklahoma City office for individual therapy and counseling by a qualified Licensed Professional Counselor.  Dr. Wyatt offers intensive recovery as well as traditional talk-therapy and other models designed for your specific issues. Call us at 405.232.1000 for an appointment.